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Further materials

Polyurethanes PUR

Polyurethanes, manufactured from polyester and polyether, exhibit outstanding mechanical properties together with excellent abrasion resistance. They are generally readily compatible with mineral oils and also a wide range of biodegradable oils. PUR exhibits good ageing and ozone resistance. Its very good compression set and good tear/ultimate tensile strength are further characteristics of this class of material.

NBR - materials

Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber or nitrile rubber (NBR) for short is a sealing material exhibiting generally very good physical and mechanical properties. NBR is used with a Shore hardness between 70° and 90° in standard hydraulics applications. NBR is resistant to most oils and greases manufactured from a mineral oil base. However, NBR materials only have limited resistance to weathering and ozone influences. Fabric-reinforced NBR seals are also used in hydraulics. The fabric reinforcement enhances extrusion resistance while reducing friction and wear.

FKM - materials

Compared with NBR material, fluororubber (FKM) exhibits a very high temperature resistance as well as outstanding chemical resistance.

POM - materials

POM materials, either pure or filled, are popular as backup and/or guide elements in hydraulics owing to their excellent properties in such applications. The material is characterised by its high stiffness, high extrusion resistance and minimal water absorption.

Sealing systems

  • Standard sealing systems
  • Special components
  • Special sealings manufactured according to customer requirements
  • Individual manufacturing (turned, pressed, injection moulded)
  • Single module, entire sealing system

PUR, NBR, FKM, POM categories by products

  • Piston sealing
  • Rod sealing
  • Rotary sealing
  • Special sealing
  • Whipers


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