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Guiding elements

Guide elements perform the task of locating the piston and piston rod in the cylinder, absorbing any side loads that arise and preventing metallic contact between the sliding parts.

Non-metallic guide elements are becoming increasingly popular as substitutes for the conventional metallic guides, offering a range of advantages that traditional solutions are unable to match. The result is increased functional reliability, longer service lifetimes and cost optimisation.

Owing to the different and specific requirements placed on each type of guide element, there is a broad spectrum of different materials and designs of component available for adaptation to your individual requirements.



Fabric-based laminates

  • For heavy-duty applications involving high operating and side loads
  • Material composition has long durabilities
  • The material construction offers long service lifetimes
  • through the selection of optimum composite combinations,
  • plus low friction and good emergency running properties.
  • Available in stock lengths or as ready-to-install ring.



  • For light to medium-duty applications
  • low-friction, no stick-slip effect,
  • good chemical resistance,
  • reliable embedding of contaminant particles,
  • available either cut to length or in stock lengths.


Glass-reinforced polyacetal

  • For medium-duty applications
  • good sliding properties, high wear resistance,
  • good media compatibility, easy to install by
  • snap-fitting into the groove, low-cost alternative,
  • supplied as ready-to-install ring.


The variety of deployment scenarios and thus operational conditions call for a respective dimensioning of the guiding element. Depending on the shearing forces and other parameters such as temperature, clearance and the selected combination of materials, an approximate calculation of the required number and width of the guiding elements can be made using the following formula:


Bmin    =    Guide ring width min. [mm]              Fr        =    max. radial load [N]
Sf        =    Safety factor                                    DK/S    =    Diameter of piston or rod
Fd        =    Permissible dynamic load [N/mm2]



Since shearing forces are not always calculated precisely, we recommend using a safety factor of at least 2 (see calculation).


All information and values stated concerning our product portfolio are based on the knowledge optained through a long experience of manufacturing and application.
These figures are for indicative purposes only and may vary (exceed or deceed) according to the particular circumstances. Unknown factors in the applications and practice can considerably change the conditions and reduce and change statements, which may cause the above information to be invalid.
No liability can be accepted for any mistakes or omissions, error and subject to change without prior notice.


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