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As sales partner of leading development and production companies for challenging precision parts out of laminated, fabric-base and PTFE-materials - in the product division of guide elements, seals and bushing for state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions - - S.F. Components has been stood for high-grade material solutions, technical innovations and precision processing technologies.

With moodern technologies resin-impregnated base materials made of paper, cotton and glas are wound round steel mandrels on winding machines with the effect of heat and pressure. In the exactly defined hardness operation that follows, the base and synthetic resin are forever bonded. Mechanical or metal-cutting processes complete the manufacturing process.

So for S.F. the high–grade, productive laminated materials can be produced under the most up-to-date perfected manufacturing technologies.

For machine engineering, mining, cylinder construction, heavy industry as well as for any hydraulic application, from made-to-order production down to serial production, we manufacture high-performance and high-quality guiding elements under consideration of highest precision.

Quality management certified based on EN ISO 9001:2008 secures the whole company process.

S.F. Components maintains many years of close business partnership with their manufacturers and suppliers and has high demands on our performance, flexibility and continuity.

ISO certification of our partners and suppliers as well as our focus on product quality have top priority when selecting and developing our range of products.


Surveillance audit of the management system successfully completed

7 August 2019                             For all certifie

Certification in ISO 9001:2015 with S.F. Components successfully completed

7 November 2018                          S.F. Components successfully completed the Certification of the



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