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The PTFE guiding and sealing elements, open up a diverse range of possible applications 

- very good gliding properties
- good load-bearing strengths and dimensional stabilities
- good thermal and chemical resistance
- high material abrasion resistance

for sophisticated to extremely high-performance applications of the hydraulic industry. Special compounds are also applicable for food-, medical- und pharmaceutical industry.

The wide range of piston, rod and rotary seals, wipers and support rings with the most varied PTFE material composition can therefore be adapted to the respective requirements. Used as a guide band, the material can fulfil the special requirements as an alternative to metallic guides.. 

PTFE, PTFE-Compounds  

  • Guiding, sealing
  • Guide band by meters, stock length and cut to length per specification
  • Individual diameters
  • Standardabmessungen, individuelle Abmessungen

PTFE Product categueries

  • Guide band
  • Sealings
  • Backup rings
  • Special sealing systems
  • Components
  • Semi-finished products


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